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Missing tooth/teeth can lead to undesirable changes in oral health. Keeping aside the obvious fact that chewing efficiency gets reduced, there are several other problems that arise from teeth loss. Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry which is dedicated to the study and development of restorations for natural teeth. There have been several developments in prosthodontics in the last few decades which has brought in new ideas for improving teeth restorations. Dental implants in El Paso, TX have been on the forefront of all these developments. They are one of the most preferred replacements for lost teeth because of their ability to finely replicate the functions of natural teeth and prevent all problems that arise from teeth loss. If you are suffering from teeth loss, make an appointment with our dentist and speak to him to know more about how our dental implants in El Paso, TX can help you regain a healthy smile.

Teeth Loss and Dental Implants

There can be several causes for teeth loss. Tooth decay, gum infection, trauma and aging are some of the prime causes. When a person looses a tooth, the ability to bite and chew food reduces to some extent. The gap caused from missing tooth attracts food particles which increases the chances of gum infection. The teeth nearby can shift positions because of imbalance in bite forces. When there are a few missing teeth in a row, the jawbone looses support and starts to shrink. This can cause the facial skin to sag, making the patient look old.

Dental implants are replacements for lost teeth roots. The implants are made of metals or zirconium. They are designed to integrate with supporting bone. This process ensures that the bone remains protected. The implanted tooth has the highest chewing efficiency when compared to all other forms of restoration. Dental implants can last for decades if proper care is taken which is one the major advantages of this form of restoration.

Dental implant surgery – What is required?

Almost any person who has a healthy jawbone can undergo dental implant surgery. Apart from few exceptions, such as people undergoing radiation therapy in the head region, almost all patients are candidates for implant surgery. The initial consultation involves thorough examination of jawbone. Bone augmentation may have to be done if our dentist in El Paso, TX finds out that the jawbone volume is not sufficient to hold an implant. The surgery is performed in the presence of local numbing agent. Small incision is made in the gums and the implant is torqued in the bone. The gums are sutured back and left to heal for few months.

In the second phase of the surgery, the dentist takes impressions of teeth and gets a crown prepared in the lab. The crown can be either screwed or cemented over the implant through an abutment. Our dentist in El Paso, TX also provides necessary post-operative instructions to ensure quick healing and long life of dental implants.

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