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Missing tooth/teeth can lead to undesirable changes in oral health. Keeping aside the obvious fact that chewing efficiency gets reduced, there are several other problems that arise from teeth loss. Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry which is dedicated to the study and development of restorations for natural teeth. There have been several developments in prosthodontics in the last few decades which has brought in new ideas for improving teeth restorations. Dental implants in El Paso, TX, have been on the forefront of all these developments. They are one of the most preferred replacements for lost teeth because of their ability to finely replicate the functions of natural teeth and prevent all problems that arise from teeth loss. If you are suffering from teeth loss, make an appointment with our dentist and speak to him to know more about how our dental implants in El Paso, TX can help you regain a healthy smile.

Teeth Loss and Dental Implants

There can be several causes for teeth loss. Tooth decay, gum infection, trauma, and aging are some of the prime causes. When a person looses a tooth, the ability to bite and chew food reduces to some extent. The gap caused by missing tooth attracts food particles which increase the chances of gum infection. The teeth nearby can shift positions because of imbalance in bite forces. When there are a few missing teeth in a row, the jawbone loses support and starts to shrink. This can cause the facial skin to sag, making the patient look old.

Dental implants are replacements for lost teeth roots. The implants are made of metals or zirconium. They are designed to integrate with supporting bone. This process ensures that the bone remains protected. The implanted tooth has the highest chewing efficiency when compared to all other forms of restoration. Dental implants can last for decades if proper care is taken which is one the major advantages of this form of restoration.

Dental implant surgery – What is required?

Almost any person who has a healthy jawbone can undergo dental implant surgery. Apart from few exceptions, such as people undergoing radiation therapy in the head region, almost all patients are candidates for implant surgery. The initial consultation involves a thorough examination of the jawbone. Bone augmentation may have to be done if our implant dentist in El Paso, TX finds out that the jawbone volume is not sufficient to hold an implant. The surgery is performed in the presence of a local numbing agent. A small incision is made in the gums and the implant is torqued in the bone. The gums are sutured back and left to heal for few months.

In the second phase of the surgery, the dentist takes impressions of teeth and gets a crown prepared in the lab. The crown can be either screwed or cemented over the implant through an abutment. Our dentist in El Paso, TX also provides necessary post-operative instructions to ensure quick healing and long life of dental implants.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants at El Paso, TX

1. What are dental implants?

Dental implants is a surgical procedure used to replace missing tooth permanently and it functions similar to natural teeth without affecting the teeth structure. Since, it is made up of a titanium metal which holds the teeth very strongly at high pressure compared to dentures, bridges, flippers etc. So, dental implants are considered as an effective long-term solution for your missing teeth.

2. What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are a number of significant benefits of dental implants, some of them are:

  • Used for replacing Lost/missing tooth permanently
  • It restores appearance of teeth structure
  • Easy to change the crown without removing implant teeth
  • Implant artificial teeth does not cause dental decay
  • It preserves and stimulate bone structure
  • Does not cause any damage to nearby teeth
  • You can able to chew food properly with implant teeth
  • Cost is little expensive but looks very similar to natural teeth

3. Are dental implants considered safe to use?

Dental implants are considered to be safe and effective solution for replacing missing tooth permanently. You already know that implant teeth are made up of strong metal called titanium, which is easily fused with the jawbone and able to eat food properly without worrying about dental pain.

If you need more information about dental implants procedure are safe or not, call Dr. David A. Cenk 915-833-3484 at El Paso, TX and make an appointment.

4. Can anyone be the candidate for dental implants?

Since dental implants has no age limit to go dental implants treatment, but in order to know that you are an eligible candidate or not, then you need to follow certain factors before placing implant teeth:-

  • It is mandatory to have good health condition for placing dental implants
  • Your jawbone should support the dental implant teeth
  • Sensitivity teeth candidates should take a suggestion from the prescribed implant dentist.
  • Diabetics and low blood pressure candidates should not go for this treatment.
  • Pregnant women, smokers are also not a good candidate for having dental implants
  • If the dentist identifies any signs of tooth grinding, clenching, and any other type of wear and tear in your teeth are not considered as eligible candidates.

For more information on eligible candidates for dental implants at El Paso, TX (Redd Road Family Dental). Call 915-833-3484 Dr. David A. Cenk and make an appointment immediately.

5. What is bone grafting? How is it helpful for dental implants procedure?

Bone grafting is a surgical treatment which involves placement of grafting material (a soft mix of a bone substitute) on missing bone. It takes around 4-6 months to heal completely and helps to grow bone naturally without damaging the nearby bone structure. After 4-6 months of the healing process, it preserves and stimulates bone to place an artificial implant tooth.

Dental implants cannot be placed if you are suffering from bone loss and gum related problems. So, the dentist goes for bone grafting procedure and restores the bone structure, then surgically places the dental implant into the missing area to maintain strength and stability of the tooth.

6. Does everyone need bone grafting? And what are the benefits of bone grafting?

No, not everyone is needed to go for bone grafting procedure, but only a few selected candidates will need this treatment. Due to gum disease and bone loss, you may have suffered several teeth loss over a period of time and looking immediately for artificial implant teeth. With help of bone grafting technique, the bone is restored and dental implants are placed easily on jawbone without affecting nearby tooth.

Benefits of bone grafting procedure to place dental implants

  • Bone grafting improves the aesthetics and functions of dental implants, dentures etc. The grafting material combined with the natural bone to increase the formation of bone structure to the required shape.
  • The filling matches the required shape to place dental implants without damaging nearby teeth.
  • Bone grafting technique has more than 98% of success rate to restore missing bone and stability to hold artificial teeth.
  • If there is a loss of bone, then it is difficult to place dental implants. So, dentist uses bone grafting to restore bone and helps to maintain proper bone structure even if there is loss of tooth.
  • Improves your oral health and aesthetics appearance of the smile.

7. How long the treatment takes for placing dental implants?

The treatment process for placing Dental Implants takes around 4 to 6 months depending upon the candidate and how faster the healing process takes place.

The dental implant includes 4 stages of treatment process:

  • At the first step of the appointment is consultation, the candidate will undergo basic dental examination such as mouth examination, x-rays, and other dental treatments. Then, the dentist finally confirms that you are an eligible candidate for placing a dental implant or not
  • Once confirmed, the candidate will undergo surgical treatment to place dental implant teeth into the jawbone.
  • If the jaw bone does not support the dental implant teeth then, you may need to go for bone grafting procedure (optional depending upon the requirement). It is a type of dental procedure to fill missing bone area; the dentist uses a grafting material to fill the missing bone to support the artificial teeth.
  • After healing completely, the dentist finally places the crown on the dental implant to fuse with jaw bone completely.

For more information about on dental implants at El Paso, TX Call Dr. David A. Cenk 915-833-3484 and make an appointment for implant treatment.

8. How many teeth’s can be placed using dental implants?

A dental implant can be applied to a single or multiple sets of teeth. Since, there is no age limit to undergo treatment for implant surgery, until the dentist recommends depending on your oral health condition. It can easily fuse with your jawbone without damaging nearby teeth over a small period of time. If the artificial implant teeth do not support your jawbone then you may need bone grafting procedure to fix the missing bone before having dental implants.

Even dental implants can be applied for partial dentures or a complete set of dentures. The problem with older people is their jaw bone may not support the implants, and then bone grafting procedure may help them to restore their missing teeth without any problem.

Our Implant dentist Dr. David a Cenk is a highly professional and experienced dentist for replacement of missing tooth using dental implants at El Paso, TX. Our team is a professional trained and ensures successful restoration of teeth to stay longer without facing any difficulties by the patients. Our main goal is to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth structure and smile, which also includes various dental restorative procedures for missing tooth.

We also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures like porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, dental bonding, cracked tooth, braces and much more at El Paso, Texas by Dr. David A Cenk and his team. Call now 915-833-3484 or make an appointment.


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